EPI, Extraction of Pathological Information

Alternative healing method developed by Hannes Jacob, an energy healer in Switzerland. This method is based on understanding of the spiritual dimension of the human being. Throughout life, the human being continuously writes new information to the non-physical part of the body. Life events with a certain traumatic load can lead to the registration of pathological information. This information will result in a disease or health problem in the physical body. This method erases pathological information in the non-physical part of the body. The material expression of this erasure will be the dissipation of symptoms. The underlying cause is therefore eliminated; the symptom no longer has any reason to exist. The method Extraction of Pathological Information (EPI) can be understood as the reverse mechanism of Pranism: energy is not used to materialize matter, but to dematerialize it.

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Scientific validation

A clinical study conducted in 2017 in Neuch√Ętel (Switzerland) confirmed a very high success rate of the EPI method: 94% of patients treated experienced a total disappearance of their symptoms or an improvement in their symptoms. The results were recorded 4 months after the last EPI treatment.


The entire treatment usually consists of two sessions, each of which lasts between ten and twenty minutes. From the point of view of the patient lying on his back or stomach, the treatment is a multi-point massage on the body by the practitioner.

In the case of the treatment of certain pathologies, the patient will have to confront their body with the problematic substance (allergen, food product, etc.) at the end of each session. This step helps the body reintegrate healthy and neutral information.

Application scope

This method is not limited to specific medical conditions or diseases.

It has recently been successfully applied in situations as varied as