PPE (Pathological Information Extraction) – Against allergies and anaphylactic shocks

What causes allergies and how do they work?
What is anaphylactic shock and what are its consequences?
What measures are required for patients who face a severe allergy?
What is the classic medical approach commonly applied to allergies?
How does the new EPI treatment method (developed by the Swiss therapist and healer Hannes Jacob) differ?

Dr. Pierre Kaeser of the Centre Médical de la Côte (Neuchâtel, Switzerland, http://www.centremedicaldelacote.ch) answers these questions and explains why the new EPI treatment method is an ideal solution for both patients and doctors.

A patient who has experienced anaphylactic shocks resulting from the ingestion of kiwis in the past is subjected to Dr. Pierre Kaeser and is treated by Hannes Jacob, a treatment that effectively frees her completely from her severe allergy and associated potentially fatal anaphylactic shocks.

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